Faruk Pehlivan

First, I would like to thank you; Thank you so much for bringing me back to life and performing a successful operation. Right now it was very important for me to go back to sports and do sports. Thank you again and I present my love and greetings.

Aysenur Ogut

He is one of the people that I feel blessed to meet. I am one of his patients and I can't thank him enough. Thanks to him, the progression of my scoliosis was prevented.

Abdurahman Tüfekçi

Years ago (08/10/2010) I had my mother operated by Dr Kose in Sakarya. God bless him. We are extremely satisfied. I recommend him since that day to everyone (I have recommended him to a patient even today). Dr Kose had a profound effect on me and once again I admired him when I heard him say: ”I'm not taking pictures of the bones, I'm putting the pain away.“ As I said that day, I always say: I wish Allah increases his knowledge. Our country needs this man a lot.

Mert Karsan

Thank you very much for Simge Karsan who you had operated. In contrast to the other doctors who said that our daughter's surgery was not possible and that she would be in a much more severe condition, you kept your promise and healed our daughter. We are grateful for that. We would like to thank you for the sucessful operation that gave our daughter back in full health.


Dr. Kamil Bey is one of God's blessings to people. I've never seen a doctor who cares this much about his job and humanity. The beauty of his innerside has reflected to his face. May Allah make him healthy and sound. Give him a long life. I can not see any Orthopedics and Traumatology specialist better than Dr Kamil. His heart, soul and language are beautiful.

Erkan Kuyumcu

I've been bringing my daughter to Dr Cagri for about a year. We can not pay for what he and his team had done. His interest and his recommendations for his patients are really excellent. We expect all authorities, including us, to provide such doctors with all the necessary facilities in order to prevent migration of such coveted talented brains.

Ahmet Zirtlan

God bless you thousands of times. Whatever I say, the words that will tell you are always missing.

Saraç Kökden

The Doctor was very interested and very interested in both me and my son. In a state hospital, I have never seen a doctor so interested and expressing the condition so honestly. I thank him very much and I hope that all the patients will find healing in the hands of doctors like him, who are in love with their perofession.

Şeref Büyükdumanlı

I had the honor of meeting Dr Kose in Sakarya. He performed a procedure in my back and later operated one of my staff with spinal cord problem and helped keep him alive. He is a great loss for Sakarya. Whatever I write for him is less than enough. May Allah keep him healthy.

Mustafa Atalay

My teacher is a blessing that God has sent us who is a first class human and a fist class doctor . I hope my Lord be pleased with him. 5 months ago I was not able to walk even with the help of 2 walking sticks but now thank God, I can walk without any support. I recently started to run and finally I began to live again.


Our meeting with Dr Kamil goes back to 2 years ago. We went to other doctors, but Kamil Bey's attention and interest was completely different. First of all, he is an extremely nice person. Now we're counting days for surgery. My daughter is going to have scoliosis surgery, I'm both scared and hopeful.

Adnan Yalçınkaya

He is an idealist is someone who cares for his patients individually and who is always behind the work he does and gives his patients the most important thing, trust. We are very lucky not only as a hospital but as a country for having him. He has patients from everywhere in Turkey. And if everybody is happy to have met you, this is the most concrete example of having done something really well.

Bayram Aydın

I had a scoliosis surgery on 05.04.2014. Previously I had been in all state and private hospitals and was examined by many professors none of them talked hopeful about my condition and none could do my surgery. I had a high risk of paralysis. My last call was Dr Cagri Kose. Dr. Kose examined my results, talked about the risks of my surgery, Thank God, the result not as we feared. My operation lasted 6 hours, I could stand up in 2 days. I would like to thank Kamil Çağrı Köse for his interest and effort. God bless him.

Aliye Yılmaz

My mother Ayse Puskul was operated on 16.01.2014 by Dr Kamil Çağrı Köse Bey. She entered the surgery with a very high risk but the result was excellent. There was even no need for intensive care. May Allah be pleased with the Doctor, we are grateful. I would like to thank him and his team for my mother, my family and my own name. May Allah make your way, give him ease in whatever he does.

Arif Aygun

On 23.01.2014, I had my scoliosis kyphosis surgery. God bless him. In my view he is not a human , he is something else that Almighty Allah has sent down to earth. God, let us have such doctors. I would like to thank him and everyone in his team. God bless them all.

Ümit Turhan

First of all, I would like to state that I wrote this review for my son Eren TURHAN. My son was treated with kyphosis and scoliosis on 23/01/2014 at Sakarya Training and Research Hospital. As of the moment we are still not discharged (our 5th day) I would like to express my gratitude to our doctor in the name of myself and my whole family. May Allah bless you.

Ceren Bayraktar

Dear Friends, I wish health to everyone. I'm 14 years old. We suspected scoliosis at 9-10 years of age. We went to all specialists that we heard of. We experienced a lot of economical and psychological problems. My psychology was so distorted because almost all doctors were saying paralysis, the risk of death against my face. After that, we found Prof Kamil with a neighbor’s proposal. When we went to the examination, we saw an older sister who had been operated before and she told us only one thing; If Dr Kamil will do it, leave yourself to him. And I was a little better. Dr Kamil didn't speak to me as negative as the other doctors. I was been operated on December 11, and I'm doing fine right now. Thank god. I mean, before surgery, I was so afraid , but now I thank God for being operated. I love my doctor very much. I wish we'd known him before. His team, nurses, cleaning staff are all good. God bless them all, thank you very much. I feel like I'm reborn. Anyone who wants to have surgery, should go to Dr Kamil before it’s late. There is nothing to fear.

Zeynep Yalçın

Mr. Çağrı Bey You are using this grace given by our Lord to receive prayer from you people. My Lord brings you and your team to the place where you are worthy. My child is your patient. You are a very good person besides your profession. I was afraid of the doctors, but after I knew you and your friends, my idea changed. God bless you…

Gökhan Sözümçetin

Our esteemed Dr Kamil Çağrı Köse gave me a whole new life on my birthday. He treated my kyphoscoliosis. He and his valued team gave me a new life. If a scoring is to be done I would give not 10 out of 10, but 100 out of 100.

Dilber Karaağaç

Dr Cagri Kose implanted my father's spine and my father, 76 years old, had his health back. Now, my daughter has scoliosis, but I can't make an appointment. He is a first class man who does his profession in the best way, let my Lord bless us with professors like him.

Demirhan Çoroğlu

I would like to say how lucky I am as a Sakarya citizen. I am very happy to be living in the same place with such a humble and successful doctor. He not only did numerous successful surgeries but has made us very happy by bringing our father to health. I hope that every patient in need will meet physicians like Kamil Çağrı Kose. May God be with him.


We thank our doctor. We were very worried before the operation. Thank goodness he gets treatment with a nice surgery. My son was diagnosed with a slipped waist and two screws implanted. I got the impression of a professional team and now my son is very good. Thank you Mr. Kamil Cagri and his esteemed team. I wish health to your hands.


He's a wonderful doctor, modest, kind, and compassionate. I hope that anyone who really needs him can reach him, because it is a chance for those seeking a cure, a rare gem. May God not let him be missing. I wish all the best for his miraculous hands.

Musa Kurt

Human-centered human Kamil Çağrı Köse. You know, sometimes people ask are there good people left in this world? Yes, there are. If you wish to see the address; Please visit the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Sakarya University Training and Research Hospital, meet Mr. Kamil Çağrı Köse and his team and visit the inpatients and listen to their feelings and thoughts. Believe that there are extraordinary emotions, people are reborn, the previous lives are formatted and life is starting again. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my eyes. My 51-year-old friend from Karasu, was inclined 70-75 degrees forward. When I saw her in the ward after the operation, her back was straight and had started a new life. We listened because he spoke half an hour. Previously, he felt ashamed as people younger than him pitied him because of his appearance. He was ashamed to walk with his wife on the road. He could not even go once to the sea to swim with the fear of being seen and meade fun of by others, and more and more... I work as a teacher in Kocaeli. My friend Fuat KATILMIŞ, and his relative Abdullah ARI ​​who works in Sakarya University Training and Research Hospital Administrative Department as Deputy Director, had my nephews Uğur DOĞAN and Onur DOĞAN examined by Mr. Kamil Çağrı Köse. The doctors we went to in Kocaeli and Istanbul for eight years said that the treatment of this disease was not possible. First time Mr. Kamil Çağrı Köse said that the patients would be better with surgery, his mother Rukiye, his father Fazlı DOĞAN and I could not keep our tears from our joy. His mother said: Doctor, for the first time, you say that my children will recover. I wanted to hear that word for eight years. Uğur DOĞAN and Onur DOĞAN were operated for 8 hours during the 2013 half term. At the end of two great operations, the children's necks were improved and their heights were increased. I would like to thank Mr. Kamil Çağrı Köse and his team for their gratitude. May Allah bless those beautiful people and give them power and strength. You can't have a good job in the world as good as connecting people to life and making them happy. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude and gratitude to all employees of the Training and Research Hospital of Sakarya University, especially to Mr. Kamil Çağrı Köse and his team. God bless you all.

İlayda Atan

I am 12 years old. On 12 June 2012, I had a scoliosis surgery. God bless him. I love him very, very much. He made me healthy again.

Neriman Kaya

I am a scoliosis patient from Düzce. There's no state hospital left that I had not gone. They always said that I would die at the operating table. I was small, but I grew up and I met Dr Kamil. He explained me my problem and the risks if I was not operated. At an advanced age, I had the risk of paralysis and a heart attack. I made my decision and I was operated on May 21st. It even changed my breathing. I met the humblest man Kamil Çağrı Köse. God bless our doctor. I got an appointment right away and his team are all very very valuable people from the doctor to the cleaning staff so all of them are so good. My Lord has created those fingers so that he can treat his scoliosis patients. Doctors should take him as an example. God bless our professor. All patients with scoliosis must submit themselves to him. I wish my Lord blesses us with his presence.

Hilal Al

Despite all sorts of catastrophes we have in our beautiful country, the existence of people like Kamil Çağrı Köse gives power to people. In an era where people are valued for their money, this person who loves the created because of the Creator stands out. God in both worlds make your work easier. I want to say much more, but I can express this much in writing. God bless you.


I have been married for 27 years, my husband had 4 operations and every time we were said it was the last time but, unfortunately it did not happen. We met with the doctors we heard of in the summer seasons but always came back with empty hands, You can predict our economical and psychological problems. When I heard that Prof Kose came to the hospital where I worked, I took my husband to him. When he said that he could operate despite my husband’s age and previous operations, we were very happy. Our real joy was after my husband got up and began to walk after surgery. His back and walking had completely been corrected. I can not leave this to myself. I had gone for hajj in 2001 as healthcare personnel. The first prayers when Kaaba is seen, are said to be accepted. I had prayed for my husband there. My hopes were lost in August 2012 but just at that time Dr Kamil Çağrı Kose accepted my husbands surgery. Those who think about finding money for spine operations, please contact them without hesitation. The beauty of a person's heart is reflected in his face. Let Allah always keep you in touch with your loved ones with your accomplishments. You are a hope for hope seekers. We are grateful to you and your team. My spouse was reborn thanks to you. May Allah never leave you unattended, be always be with you. I wish you good luck.